Gacha.Center / E7DB Notice

2018-2023  is now discontinued as of Jan 17th, 2023.

We provided an ad-free database website and a free API for tool developers to focus on the tool rather than game data (e.g. gear optimizer, ceciliabot, discord bot, etc etc) with multi-language support.

To all users and tool developers who used it, thank you. I hope we provided a stable website and API with all game data you needed for you to rely on throughout those years.

Different than image mines (like norbdragon does for e7vault) or multiplier mine (for the spreadsheet, I believe is taken by analyzing emulator memory), we decrypted game's database files to get all information 1:1 for all languages, which was a hard task every new patch. YufineThrowaway was the hero for this, thank you my friend. Unfortunately due to lack of dataminers to help us, we could not update since Jun, 2021.  I always could see lots of hits via Google Analytics and Cloudflare Analytics to website and API, but we never got help or a single cent from anyone /shrug

For haters, have fun using the advertisement nightmare, dubious opinionated non-updated Epic7x.

Do not add me on Discord to ask for E7 data or how to datamine. If I knew how to mine, I would do myself :-)

-- and Gacha.Center domains will be repurposed and a new website will release. domain is open for bids.